A New Look and New Leadership for MicroMed Solutions

  • The MicroMed Solutions division of LasX Industries has seen a lot of changes this winter, and is proud to announce both a new logo identity as well as the appointment of Thomas Daul to the position of Manager of the group. With over 15 years of experience at LasX, Mr. Daul’s extensive background in medical device manufacturing and laser converting will benefit customers as they develop manufacturing solutions for their products.

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    As a market leader in the medical diagnostics industry, MicroMed Solutions specializes in the development and high-volume manufacturing of polymer microfluidic structures and related components. Mr. Daul previously served as Program Development Manager for MicroMed Solutions, helping customers develop their products from prototypes to full-scale production. He is enthusiastic about the direction of this new position. “After over a decade of involvement in this market and understanding where the industry is heading, it’s exciting to be able to drive our technology to meet the needs of our customers,” said Mr. Daul.

    Looking ahead, MicroMed Solutions sees new opportunities to expand on current LaserSharp® technologies to not only to build multilayer fluidic laminates more cost-effectively, but to also add value in manufacturing a fully loaded point-of-care device. This will incorporate dispensing of chemistry, reagent packs and the final component build so that fully functional devices can then be packaged and distributed. “Helping our customers bring these next generation medical devices to market has always been a rewarding part of working in this industry,” Mr. Daul adds.

    Want to learn more about medical device manufacturing at LasX? Click here to learn more about the services provided by the MicroMed Solutions division. 


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