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    Welcome to the Laser Cutting Blog, a new forum produced by LasX Industries, meant to foster conversation about laser converting technology, applications, and processes related to the graphic arts, flexible packaging, medical, and electronic markets. The Laser Cutting Blog will bring you inside stories covering industry events, new products, advancements in LaserSharp® technology, and practical applications for laser cutting in today’s manufacturing environment.

    Since 1998 LasX Industries has specialized in designing and manufacturing laser cutting systems while also offering in-house contract laser processing services. Our patented LaserSharp® technology eliminates the need for mechanical tooling by delivering on-demand laser solutions that accurately cut, score, perforate, etch, weld, or ablate components at high production speeds. Our experienced team works to develop new laser converting processes to address the unique requirements of an expanding array of applications. We hope to share our expertise and hands-on knowledge with you through the Laser Cutting Blog.

    In addition to high-quality LaserSharp® equipment, LasX also offers contract service options for a variety of applications:

     Medical: MicroMed Solutions

     Graphic Arts: Contour Creations® Laser Cutting Services

     Electronics: Precision Converting Services

    Flexible Packaging: LaserSharp FlexPak Services (partner company)

    • Stencils: StencilSharp® Stencil Services


    Contact us or leave a comment below to request more information and learn about the benefits of laser cutting systems and services.


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