• Event Update: MD&M West + Free Expo Admission

    MD&M 13


    Are you looking to…

    • Reduce your product’s time to market?
    • Eliminate hard tooling costs and lead times?
    • Add flexibility to your manufacturing workflow?
    • Achieve higher quality or more complex parts?
    • Reach new market opportunities?

    If you’re seeking an efficient, high quality manufacturing solution that will directly impact your bottom line, laser digital converting could be the key technology to improving your product or current operations. LasX offers the widest range of laser converting services and equipment for applications spanning from medical and electronic components, to consumer packaging and print.

    To learn more, visit LasX in booth #1992 at MD&M West, February 12-14 in Anaheim, CA. LasX will also be co-located with partner LaserSharp FlexPak Services, a premier contract laser services provider for the flexible packaging industry. Even if you’re unable to make it to the event, we welcome your questions and converting challenges. Call 651-407-0011 to learn more or to receive samples.

    Additionally, LasX is now ISO 13485:2003 certified. Also ask about our recent improvements to our Quality Management System. Click here to read the full article.

    Attend for Free:

    Want to receive free expo admission to MD&M West? Click here to visit our website and look under the MD&M banner for your complimentary registration code!

    What to Expect at MD&M West:

    Connect to the inspiration, partnerships, education and technologies that drive medical device innovation at MD&M West 2013. In addition to networking and educational opportunities available at the conferences, the expo hall at MD&M West provides resources for medical device design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.







    Are you planning to attend MD&M West this year? What are you most looking forward to? 


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  • The Latest at LasX: New ISO 13485:2003 Certification

    LPM processing channels (2)

    LasX is pleased to announce that our medical contract service division is now ISO 13485:2003 certified!

    ISO Certifications

    ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. International Standards give state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industry more efficient and effective. Developed through global consensus, they help to break down barriers to international trade. ISO is a network of national standards institutes from 146 countries working in partnership with international organizations, governments, industry, business and consumer representatives.

    The ISO 13485:2003 certification specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

    The primary objective of ISO 13485:2003 is to facilitate harmonized medical device regulatory requirements for quality management systems.

    Quality at LasX
    Because your reputation is invested in your product, LasX is committed to exceeding your quality standards using an extensive Quality Management System which is comprised of an ISO 13485:2003 certification, clean room operations, and the collection of analytical data throughout the production process.

    As a continuation of LasX’s dedication to superior operational performance, the medical contract service division has made the transition from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 13485:2003 certification, and adheres to the associated international standards of quality.

    The requirements for documents, documented procedures, and records are far more rigorous in ISO 13485:2003 than ISO 9001:2008. In addition to being product specific for the medical device industry, ISO 13485:2003 also focuses on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. The implementation of this new ISO certification fosters better communication between LasX and each customer in regards to quality-related issues and requirements. Additionally, the LasX Quality Management System allows customers to more easily achieve and maintain FDA approvals and related documentation.

    LasX performs precision digital converting in a Certified Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) clean room. This environment promotes a high level of cleanliness during component processing which, in combination with a superior attention to detail, yields a more accurate finished product. A highly controlled process environment ensures that each customer receives world-class quality components for use in IVD and microfluidic devices.

    Visit www.iso.org to learn more about certification standards or click here for information regarding contract laser converting services from LasX. 


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  • Design Inspiration: ‘Tis the Season!

    Laser Cut Snowflake Card

    As the holidays approach, many of us find our mailboxes increasingly filled with holiday cards and invitations. Each piece is a chance to convey a sentiment or extend a welcome  invitation, but with such an influx of greetings it’s hard to stand out among countless others. The holidays are a time to add a little something extra to a card or invitation. And what better way to spread good cheer than with unique laser cut accents.

    We hope these examples inspire your next creative holiday greeting!


















    Intricate Details

    Snowflakes are truly symbolic of winter and the changing of the seasons. They are also uniquely delicate and simply die cutting snowflakes could not adequately portray their intricate features. Laser cutting is ideal for creating a dainty snowflake or other ornate patterns. True to life, in this example no two snowflakes are the same.



















    A Surprising Reveal

    Adding  laser cutting to a  piece can expand design opportunities by playing with contrast in color. In this example, the card arrives  in black and gray. Only by pulling up on the tab is a colored skyline revealed, with a high contract between the black buildings and bright neon windows. By printing on the interior of the piece and concealing it with a sliding card, viewers get an unexpected surprise when the open your envelope.


















    New Dimensions 

    Here, snowflakes were laser die cut on a single piece of card stock and creatively designed to pop out of the card and affix together to form a three dimensional snowflake simply by interlocking the two pieces. Not only is this a unique holiday greeting, but it also allows recipients to create their very own keepsake.


















    Bold Graphic Elements

    Typically holiday cards are adorned with traditional elements such as wreathes, trees, and angels. However sometimes thinking outside the box by using unexpected patterns can make a piece stand out from the crowd. Here, a series of decorative laser cut circles add an elegant touch to this invitation. Geometric themes are also perfect for nondenominational greetings, appealing to a wide range of audiences.


















    Rustic Feel

    Laser cutting is perfect for creating smooth, arched lines and polished details, but can also be used to portray a rustic or imperfect look. This Poinsettia design is reminiscent of an old stained glass window and is intentionally cut to create an asymmetrical, uneven pattern. Add a contrasting colored insert and the look is complete.


















    A Classic Approach 

    Love the classic look of timeless holiday greetings? Take a traditional card or invitation to the next level using laser cutting. By cutting out a standard holiday icon, such as these ornaments, a new look is achieved that simply printing a flat image could not. Make design elements pop with unexpected laser cut details that will be sure to please your family, business associates,  friends, or customers.

    Click here to learn more about laser cutting services or view our gallery for more great ideas. 

    Happy holidays from LasX!


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  • Laser Cutting 101: The Basics of Laser Cut Stencils




















    The laser cutting process is an ideal production solution for the creation of intricate, high quality stencils because of its clean, non-contact processing method that outperforms traditional die cutting methods.

    What differentiates the laser process from traditional die cutting?

    • Expensive tooling and die costs are eliminated
    • No setup or downtime for die creation
    • Flexible digital technology: create designs in AI, EPS, PDF, or DXF formats then make changes directly to files without impacting deadlines or processing time
    • Unlimited cutting paths with no shape limitations
    • Smoothly contoured lines free of jagged edges
    • Achieve small, intricate, or complex patterns at high accuracies



















    Multiple Laser Processes

    Another one of the benefits of using laser cutting for stencil production is that other laser processes (such as perforating, scoring, or etching) can be added at the same time to achieve extra features. For example, laser etching can be used to add product identification or unique serial numbers to each die in order to simplify inventory tracking. Or etch directions for use directly on each stencil to provide value-added instructions to the end user without the need to print this information on the product during a secondary process. Perforations between stencils can also be used for easy separation or for folding multilayer stencils like the one below.





















    Make Short Runs Cost Effective 

    Creating and setting up dies can be costly and time consuming process. Laser processing offers flexibility that allows for personalized or short runs to be manufactured in a cost effective manner through digital technology. Because each design is simply a vector file, rather than a traditional metal die, changes can be made to a pattern on the production floor without the need to wait for a new die to be created. This process also drastically reduces downtime for machine setup and changeover between new designs.



















    Material Selection

    Laser processing is suitable for a variety of material types and thicknesses. Typically 5-15 mil. hazy, clear, or colored polyester materials are ideal for laser converting but not limited to solely those mentioned. Most plastic substrates can be tested and help develop a manufacturing process tailored to each material.



















    Design Complexity & Quality

    Another way laser cutting outperforms traditional die cutting methods involves design complexity. Laser cutting offers the ability to achieve unique and intricate patterns without shape limitations. The high speed laser process also ensures stencils are produced with smooth, contoured arc segments and lines that do not exhibit the jagged edges evident in plastic stencils created by mechanical methods. The non-contact, digital laser process is able to more accurately control the cut edge, ensuring that each stencil is identical and clean. Be wary of stacking methods which use lasers to cut through multiple layers of plastic then discard the top and bottom layers. Not only does this process waste material, but stencil quality can also be compromised. In contrast, when LasX processes stencils in-house each stencil is cut individually to deliver the highest quality stencil possible without material waste.

    Want to learn more about laser cutting for high quality stencil production? LasX offers contract stencil cutting services for low and high volume quantities. Additionally,  LasX manufactures LaserSharp® equipment for the stencil and graphic arts market.To see the process in action check out this video featuring the laser cutting process registered to printed details on each stencil.


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  • Special Event Update: Lunch is On Us at the LasX Fall Open House

    Laser Pro_Web

    Together with AzTech Converting and Colordyne Technologies, LasX would like to invite you to a special Fall Open House at their Laser Modules Facility. Join us for lunch and watch live demonstrations of the CDT-1600 Laser Pro, which has been featured this fall at Label Expo and Graph Expo. An additional tour of the LasX Headquarters Facility will also be available upon request as will private appointments. Please call for 651-407-0011 regarding availability of private appointments.

    When: Wednesday, November 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    As this is a casual Open House, feel free to come and go at any point during the event.

    Where: LasX Laser Modules Facility
    4444 Centerville Road, Suite 170
    St. Paul, MN 55110

    Lunch: A catered lunch will be offered from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    RSVP: Email event-news@lasx.com by November 9, 2012


    Inline Inkjet Digital Printing and Laser Cutting at 150 FPM

    The CDT-1600 Laser Pro by AzTech combines the unequaled print resolution and speed of Colordyne’s CDT-1600 PC print engine with LasX Industries’ high-speed laser die cutting system to make the industry’s fastest and most affordable integrated printing and converting system on the market. Using LaserSharp® digital converting technology, the CDT-1600 Laser Pro revolutionizes roll-to-roll production by adding laser processing to reduce costs and increase throughput. The optional facility tour of the LasX Headquarters is also available at 1:15 during the Open House to feature other laser converting applications and system configurations.



    To register for the complimentary LasX Fall Open House, send an email to event-news@lasx.com and please include:


     Phone number

     Company name

    • Number attending (if additional colleagues from your organization wish to attend)

     Note if you would like to take the optional Headquarters facility tour

    Please RSVP by Friday, November 9, 2012 –  Questions? Call 651-407-0011

    Contact us to arrange a private appointment if you are unable to attend the event.

    Don’t forget to connect with LasX on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates on this and other events!

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  • Laser Converting for On-Demand, Short Run Folding Cartons


    Laser technology, combined with automation and finishing processes, has made folding carton production more efficient and flexible than ever. As the demand for short run, more personalized jobs increases, so too does the need for new manufacturing solutions that can adapt to these requirements. Combining a laser die cutter with a short run folder-gluer to produce small printed cartons can be a cost-effective tool for the production of variable folding cartons and boxes.

    To respond to this demand, LasX Industries and Brandtjen & Kluge have recently announced a strategic agreement to co-market an On Demand Laser Cutting and Converting Solution for folding cartons and other folded and glued products. “LasX has been providing sheet fed laser cutting and robot handling systems since 2008,” said William Dinauer, CEO of LasX Industries. “We are very pleased to be working with Kluge to provide a near digital solution for the production of folding cartons. This solution aligns perfectly with our vision of using laser converting, robotic, and digital workflow technologies for on-demand personalized packaging.”

    LasX LaserSharp® technology is made possible by a patented process controller. The controller synchronizes each laser and robot on the LaserSharp® system independently, running multiple converting and part handling processes at once to achieve the highest production speeds with maximum flexibility. LasX proprietary workflow software allows complete integration with digital or conventional printing presses and enables users to produce folding cartons with variable data and variable shapes cut and etched into the carton. The result is one to one folding cartons with complete personalization and instant order change.

    Kluge modular folding and gluing systems are highly flexible and are designed for quick change-over. The Kluge independent bearing-bed drive system is a unique system that is designed for production of folding cartons and other packaging products. The modular construction of the system makes it an excellent solution for the digital workflow.

    “The integration of Kluge converting equipment with LasX LaserSharp® technology provides a world class solution for the near digital production of folding cartons,” said Michael Aumann, CEO, at Brandtjen and Kluge. “Based on our testing of LaserSharp® cut and scored folding cartons, we are excited about the possibilities for the digital finishing and converting market. We are confident that we can provide exciting solutions for companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer packaging space.”


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  • Inline Laser Scoring and Pouching Made Simple

    PL40 integration


    Introducing the LaserSharp® PL40

    LasX Industries, Inc., a pioneer in digital laser converting equipment, and Totani America, Inc., a world leader in pouch making machinery, have developed new equipment solutions which deliver inline laser scoring and pouching capabilities to the package converting marketplace. The newly released LaserSharp® PL40 integrates straight-line, downweb laser processing into Totani pouching equipment to revolutionize easy open packaging operations.

    When combined with the Totani pouch line, the PL40 laser system brings increased flexibility and unsurpassed quality to the production floor. Other benefits include:

    • Small footprint: Affordably add laser processing to new pr existing pouching lines.

    • Production options: Integrate system into indexed or continuous processing zones.

    • Flexibility: Easily position laser module for precise inline scores or offset slightly for tabbed packaging applications.

    • Quality: LasX’s patented embedded control technology guarantees score continuity and quality by intelligently controlling score depth through all machine speeds, even during the acceleration and deceleration of an index operation.

    Uniting the precision of LaserSharp® laser converting technology with the trusted dependability of Totani pouch making machinery creates an innovative manufacturing solution for package converters seeking to increase production efficiency and versatility.

    Want to learn more? Visit LasX in booth N4761 at PACK EXPO International 2012, October 28-31 in Chicago, to see a demonstration of LaserSharp® equipment and to discuss easy-open, breathable, and security needs for your flexible packaging.


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  • Event Update: Laser Perforating and Scoring Trials at PACK EXPO

    pack expo 2012


    LasX Industries and their partner company LaserSharp FlexPak Services invite you to visit them in booth N4761 at PACK EXPO International, October 28-31 in Chicago, IL. Learn more about laser converting equipment and services by experiencing live laser processing demonstrations in the booth. You won’t want to miss this year’s biggest packaging event.


    LaserSharp® LPM Flex Series Demonstrations

    Visit booth #4761 for live laser processing demonstrations highlighting easy-open, breathable, and anti-counterfeit features for flexible packaging applications. The LaserSharp® LPM Flex Series system will laser score, microperforate, and etch roll-fed films in cross web and machine directions including straight line, contour, and patterned processing sample runs.

    What differentiates the LPM Flex Series from similar laser processing equipment is the ability to adjust its processing field of view to adapt to different applications. Its programmable laser modules include adjustable processing areas with auto-focusing capabilities, offering a reliable beam spot size for specific applications based on the selected process area. This feature eliminates costly down time for refocusing the laser beam and calibrating position. Designed for versatility, the LPM Flex Series offers the advantages of localized laser processing including patterned microperforation as well as cross web and down web straight line and contour processing.


    About PACK EXPO International:

    PACK EXPO International is the largest, most comprehensive processing and packaging event in the world. And this year the show is bigger than ever with more than 1,800 world-class suppliers and industry leaders eager to share the latest products and trends in the packaging industry. Explore cutting-edge technologies and network with other professionals at this year’s premier packaging event.


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  • Event Update: Laser Processing Demos at GRAPH EXPO 2012

    Graph Expo 2012










    GRAPH EXPO 2012 is quickly approaching and LasX has a number of exciting laser cutting solutions to share at this year’s show that will change the way you think about finishing printed labels and folding cartons. Stop by booth #2254 to learn how LaserSharp® digital finishing systems and services can transform your print applications. From eye-catching greeting cards, promotional materials and business cards, to decorative packaging, labels, and folding cartons, you’ll see that laser finishing adds value and dimension to graphic arts pieces with precision unmatched by conventional die cutting methods.

    With live laser processing and new laser cut samples, you won’t want to miss LasX Industries in booth #2254 at GRAPH EXPO 2012, October 7-10 in Chicago, IL. We look forward to seeing you at the show!


    Live Laser Processing

    Don’t miss live equipment demonstrations in booth #2254 of the CDT-1600 Laser Pro. In partnership with AzTech Converting Systems and Colordyne Technologies, the CDT-1600 Laser Pro is the industry’s fastest and most affordable integrated printing and laser die cutting system on the market. Using LaserSharp® digital converting technology, the CDT-1600 Laser Pro revolutionizes roll-to-roll label production by adding laser processing to reduce costs and increase throughput.

    Learn more about the CDT-1600 PC Laser Pro

    Watch a video sneak peek


    Folding Carton Production

    LasX is partnering with Kluge, a US manufacturer of reliable, high-quality print finishing equipment, to illustrate how to streamline folding carton production using laser cutting technology combined with Kluge folding and gluing equipment.


    Visit the Printerverse

    We are also proud to partner with Print Media Centr this year at GRAPH EXPO to help bring you the Printerverse! Located in booth #3861, the Printerverse will feature a variety of ways to interact with print, including some the latest innovative technologies and applications which encompass a multimedia approach. LasX will be giving brief presentations in the booth throughout the show.


    About GRAPH EXPO

    GRAPH EXPO is the largest, most comprehensive exhibition for the graphic communications industry in the Americas this year. Leading manufacturers and suppliers will be showcasing a full spectrum of newly released equipment, technologies and services. Filled with networking opportunities, live demonstrations and educational seminars, this is the premier event for commercial printers, media/print buyers, package printers, mailing professionals, book and newspaper publishers, creative services professionals, and wide format printers.

    Check out the GRAPH EXPO interactive floor plan and add LasX booth #2254 to your planner. We hope to see you at the show! What are you most excited for this year?


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  • LasX Presents at Atlas Converting Open House

    Atlas Titan SR9_ed







    Today, LasX Industries and partner company LaserSharp FlexPak Services joined many of their colleagues  at Atlas Converting North America in Charlotte, NC to explore advances in slitter/rewinder technology. The special two-day open house event was held for the inauguration of the new Atlas Slitter Rewinder Demonstration Center, featuring the latest Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret slitter rewinder in action. This system sets a new benchmark in slitting flexibility, sustainability & productivity

    Along with equipment demonstrations of the new Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret slitter rewinder, the open house also included presentations by the Partner Suppliers and the inaugural Atlas/Titan Golf Challenge. Partner/Suppliers, including LasX Industries, LaserSharp FlexPak Services, BST Pro Mark and Dienes showcased innovative product solutions through presentations and table top displays during the event.

    Greg Jahr, Equipment Sales Manager at LasX Industries, and Juan Carlos Tinoco, General Manager of LaserSharp FlexPak Services educated guests on laser converting equipment and services for flexible packaging applications, including how to integrate laser technology into existing material handling equipment such as Titan slitter rewinders.

    Couldn’t make it to the event? Watch our interactive presentation from the open house, highlighting the ways in which high speed laser processing can add accurate easy-open, breathable, and microwavable features to flexible packaging.

    Click here to watch the presentation now.











    Examples of LaserSharp® laser processing modules integrated into the Titan SR8.



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